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Event design dos and don’ts

DO get to the meaning of the event. If it’s a launch party, what does the product or brand want to be known for? How will it help people? What feeling do you want clients to get from it and what does it stand for? If it’s a wedding, what makes this couple unique? What do they love? How do they live? Getting personal about why you’re celebrating helps draw out creativity and gives you inspiration for visual aspects of the day.

DON’T skimp on lighting. I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it again and again, lighting is so important to event design. If the beautiful flowers or intricate cake isn’t lit properly, your guests won’t appreciate, photograph, or perhaps even see its beauty. I also light different areas very differently. I want to avoid washing out guests with harsh colors and I want to design lighting in areas that will be heavily photographed differently than I do general event lighting. There’s a strategy to light each focal point of a party.

DO design from floor to ceiling. That doesn’t mean you need to dress up the top of your tent with florals but do keep in mind the entire space as a whole – from the ballroom floors to the wallpaper and chandeliers overhead. Then, invest in areas you want to draw the eye to.

DON’T match everything perfectly. I love a good shopping spree at a flea market and what comes of it. An eclectic combination of details that compliment one another is often better than matching everything in perfect palettes and points. Thoughtful design has layers to it.

DO have fun with it! I try not to take all my ideas so seriously. Sometimes creativity seems silly at first thought but when you bring it to life, it’s art – even in an event.

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